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Leaves are falling & Dark lipstick is calling

If you listen really closely you will hear makeup artists all over the city slowly begin to put down their brushes and pick up a pumpkin spice latte. Although the wedding season isn’t quite over, the hustle and bustle of summer weddings has passed. Now we can begin to look forward to fall along with some excitement for this holiday season.

As we see the return of lipstick and smiles, you can expect deeper fall tones to make their grand entrance. Think rich browns with both warm and cool undertones along with the brown liner & nude combo lip. A fresh take on that statement early 2000’s lip, of course we’ve done away with the black liner but it's taking me back and I’m here for it.

As always, that iconic classic red lip will be front and center giving red lip lovers a reason to swoon once again.

We will also see base makeup get a little more saturated with stronger contours returning. Although instead of the traditional Kim Kardashian matte application we will see strong dewy applications. With cream products stepping into the spotlight, this base makeup is sure to compliment any skin type.

Let’s not forget about the eyes, they are poised to be the star of the show with shiny metallic shades adding that extra sparkle to your look this season. Don’t forget to pair that with your favorite lash and you are ready for that holiday party.

At NCS we are just beginning fall term for our makeup artistry program and I love the excitement that each student brings. The demand for trained makeup artists continues to grow and we are always ready to help shape aspiring artists in their journey.

While we do have a lot going on behind the scenes, I thought it would be a great time to pause and give thanks to our amazing community. Makeup Artists, Photographers, Students, Colleagues and of course our incredible supporters. Without you, this would not be possible.

We look forward to the coming season and welcome the opportunity to be your choice for classes, makeup applications and all things lashes.

Cheers to fall & to you

Now bring on the flannel!

Sandy Landsborough

Managing Director NCS Pro Academy

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