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Bring Your Own Makeup Kit

​For this option you can bring your own kit from home to use in class.  This is perfect for a makeup enthusiast with a diverse collection of makeup.  There are hygiene protocols we have in place however, if you have used lipstick, eyeliner or mascara on yourself or someone else we cannot sanitize them and cannot be used in your professional kit.  All powders and creams we can sanitize using Beauty so clean cosmetic sanitizer on the first day of class.  

In addition to bringing your own makeup students choosing this option will also have the ability to use the school's Professional makeup kit.



Makeup Course BYOM (Bring your own makeup)

  • Choose from part time or full time classes 


    Note:  If you are doing in house financing, please select the deposit option   

    * Save $100 by choosing the paid in full option

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